Saturday, April 18, 2009

the end of semester...

This semester is almost over. I’ve go through all the pain and sweet memory along this semester. I really hope that I’ve finish this semester soon. This semester is difficult for me compared to last semester. The subject that I take for this semester is not easy as I though. With the lots of assignment that I’ve to do, it makes my life busier. Taking 7 subjects is difficult for me. Each subject has its own difficulty. The subject that I’ve take for this semester are English for academic purpose (BEL311), Islamic economic (CTU241), macroeconomic (ECO211), mandarin ( BMD101), introduction of statistic (QMT216) business communication (MGT269) and the last one is co-curriculums which is I choose volley ball.

The first subject that I’ve take this semester is English for academic purpose (BEL 311). At first, my expectation for this course is this subject is an easy subject. Just like English subject that learned before. But, BEL 311 is different. It’s difficult. This semester, I learned term paper that I though easy at first. But it’s not easy. It’s really complicated. I’ve to find a lot of sources to do this term paper. Find the topic that suitable with the source is really complicated. Maybe at first I don’t really understand what term paper is really about. After go through all the exercise that Mr. Izuan gave it to me and my others classmate, I can understand the concept of term paper bit by bit. Mr. Izuan helps me and my friends a lot about how to do the term paper. All BEL 311 syllabuses that I’ve to go through this semester is all about term paper. From the beginning until final examination I’ve to face the term paper. Other than that, Mr. Izuan also taught us how to create the blog. Before this, I’m just read people blog and I didn’t imagine that I’ve own a blog. I hope that the term paper that I learned along this semester I can apply it in the future. I also hope that I can continue writing blog to improve my English. And I hope that I can get A for this subject.

The second subject that I take this semester is Islamic economic (CTU 241). This subject was taught by ustaz Kamarulzaman B. Sulaiman. This is reading subject. No calculation at all. In a first 13 weeks, ustaz just gave us the guideline from the syllabuses in the CTU241. And 3 week before final, he starts to give an assignment for us to do. We have to do the presentation about the topic that include in the syllabus. From my view, I think that this subject is an easy subject. We just have to read and understand the concept. After all, ustaz kamarulzaman is a good and nice lecturer. I hope that I can get A for this subject.

The third subject that I take for this semester is macroeconomic (ECO211).This subject is really tough for me. For the beginning, I can understand the entire concept. But in the middle of syllabus, I’m lost. I don’t know what I’m learning now. ECO211 is more difficult than ECO162. For the beginning, I’m in a d3b3 class. But after that I’m transfer to d3c1 class. It’s because I can’t understand what the lecturer taught when I was in d3b3 class. Now, my ECO211 lecturer is Pn. Zailati. She is a nice lecturer. Always smile and help their student understand what she taught. Sometimes I ask her a question to make me really understand this subject. I enjoyed learning this subject. I hope that all the things that I don’t understand I can cover it quickly. It’s because the final exam is just around the corner and I’m target A for this subject.

The fourth subject that I take this semester is mandarin (BMD101). This subject is really enjoyed. I learned new language. For the beginning, I learned about how to introduce myself, day and date, number and also place in mandarin. This is really funny when we a new mandarin learner start to speaking in mandarin. Of course it has several mistakes but our lecturers Miss. Zhang correct our mistake. She really patient taught us who sometimes ‘blur’ in her class. This subject doesn’t have final paper. But we have to do the test and project. The test is about what I learned along this semester. i and my classmate also have listening test. Sometimes I not understand at all what the speaker said during the listening test. They speak to fast. The project that I and my friend have to do is create a mandarin drama cd. It’s interesting but tiring. I hope that I can get A for this subject.

The fifth subject that I take this semester is introduction of statistic (QMT216). This subject is quite difficult. This is calculation subject. I hope that i can score for this subject. Other than calculation, I have to read and understand the theory and concept. This is little bit tough for me. But I really like this subject. Although is more complicated than mathematic subject that I learned in school, but I can felt satisfied when I’m find the solution for this mathematic problem. Miss. Zarina was taught us this subject. Although she is strict, but I really understand what she has taught. I target A for this subject.

The sixth subject that I take this semester is business communication (MGT269). This is really complicated subject. I have to do the job application, interview, meeting, report and also proposal. It’s like a practice before I’ve to go through for the real working area. For the interview and meeting, I’ve to wear proper just like the real one. The interview and meeting also make me sick. The interview and meeting have been postponed almost five times. But gratefully, I’ve go through all this successfully. This subject was taught by Mr. Ahmed Kamel. He is a good lecturer. Always tolerate with his student. I hope that I can get A for this subject.

The last subject that I take this semester is co-curriculums which is I choose volley ball. This is the only subject that I don’t have to study at all. I think this is the release tension subject. I just have to attend the class and play the volley ball. Furthermore, I also can learn about the volley ball. This is the easy sport and all people can play it. The volley ball coach is also a nice person. He also taught us how to increase the level of stamina. I like this subject and I hope that I can get A for this subject.

This semester is really tough for me. I’ve to do a lot of assignment. Sometimes I’ve to burn the midnight oil to complete all the assignment. I hope that I can get dean list for this semester. Although the chances to get dean list is small, but I can work hard to make sure that I can get what I want. I also hope that I can finish this semester soon because I don’t want to repeat all the mistake that I do this semester.

Monday, March 16, 2009

my album~love...

This is me:
This song tells us about a girl who has a dream to be a singer, but she afraid to tell the world about her dream. Finally she realizes that this is the time for her to show herself so that the world knows about her. She’s really confidence about where she is now.

If you are not the one:
This song tells us that he really sure about his partner now and very sure that his partner will be his future wife. He puts so many hopes to spend his whole life with his partner. He really loves his partner now until forever..

Just so you know:
He wants to tell the girls that she likes about his feeling. He can’t control his feeling to fall in love with that girl. He has to compete with other guy. He won’t let that guy to win the girl heart. He really loves that girl. He hopes that he can stop loving that girl, but he doesn’t want to do that. He just wants that girl know about his feeling.

He wants the girl that he loves to come to him and leave the guy that is her boyfriends now. He said that he can do better than the guy can. He said that he won’t let the girl cry. He really wants that girl leave her boyfriend. He will make that girl happiest than her boyfriend can do.

He said that his partner is everything goods in his life. He said that his partner was sent from heaven to change him. She’s like an angle. The felt that he feels is much stronger than love. He hopes that one day he will deserves the love that she gives to him. He will try everyday of his life.

Wait for you:
This song tells us about a man waiting for his girl. The girl just goes away without telling him any reason. She doesn’t give any chance to him to correct his mistake. The things that he can do are waiting until the girl comes back to him. He will wait for the rest of his life.

It’s over:
He and his girlfriend has break. He wants to forget his girlfriend. He said between he and his girlfriend is now over. He doesn’t wants to think about his girlfriend anymore.

Beautiful soul:
He doesn’t want any other things in this world. What he wants is his girl and her beautiful soul. He knows that she is something special. He will be faithful to her. He wants to be with her whenever she needs him. He doesn’t want to waste his time anymore. He just wants his girl and her beautiful soul.

She’s no you:
The girls in this world can’t be comparing to the girl that he love. Any girls that he knows are not same with the girl that he loves. She gives him more than he wants. He satisfied with the girl that he has now. She is the girls that he ever dreamed.

Because you live:
He said that his girlfriend make him awake again. She gave him the spirit for him to go through this world. He also said that because his girlfriend lives that why he live and can faced all the challenges. His girlfriends have bright his life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

whose with my aunty???

This story is experienced by my aunty about 15 years ago. This is not really a ghost story, but it’s quite scary. My aunty, Hayati is a secretary at one company in Kuala Lumpur about 15 years ago. At that time she stays alone in a rent house. At the beginning, everything was alright. Nothing weird happened until one day….

One day, she felt unwell. She felt that she hold something very heavy at her shoulder. At the beginning, she tough that work hard make she get a stress. Then, she rest for a couple of day. But, something that she felt heavy still not disappeared. She went to see a doctor. Surprisingly, the doctor said that she is fine. She really cannot bear the heavy that she felt. She only felt the heavy on the left shoulder. The right shoulder she felt like usual. These things really make her in trouble. She faced the difficulty when she want to carry her things even her handbag. She felt that her handbag is so heavy.

This thing happened to my aunty quite along time. One day, my aunty wants to throw tissue in the drain. But the sound that produces from the throw of tissue is different. Usually, there is no sound when we throw tissue in the drain, but, the different thing happens to my aunty. When she throws tissue in the drain, there is the ‘bushh’ sound produce from that. The ‘bushh’ sound usually produces when we throw something big and heavy in the drain. But, this is tissue!! It doesn’t make sense when we throw tissue in the drain and there is the ‘bushh’ sound. From that, my aunty knows that the thing that she goes through that time is not an ordinary thing. It’s weird things and needs a cure to save her for having trouble for the rest of her life.

One night, my aunty had a really bad headache. She can’t open her eyes. She just lies down and cannot wake up at all. My aunty makes her strong to open her eyes. In the blur of view, she can see that something moving in her house. It’s like a small kids waving hand to my aunty. It’s really dark and bald. My aunty cannot bear to do anything that time. She just lies down and closes her eye tightly and holds yassin. In her heart, she recites all the surah that she knows. But, at the critical time like that, she just doesn’t know what she really recites. All the surah was mix.

Another days, she heard that someone cooking at her kitchen. But she stays alone in her house. Nobody will cooked in her kitchen unless herself. She heard the sound of ‘lesung’. But, when she comes to see, the sound became silent. Other thing that happened is, when last night she cooked rice, the rice that she cooked disappeared in the morning. This shows that someone eat the rice. But, who eat the rice? The one that stay in the house is only my aunty.

After more than a month faced these things, my aunty decides to search a cure. So, my aunty went see one ustaz near her placed. The ustaz said that the house that she stays is already staying by other creature. And unfortunately, one of that creature family member like with my aunty and keep stays on my aunty left shoulders. That why my aunty felt something that very heavy on her shoulder. Then, the ustaz advised my aunty to move from that house. After a month, my aunty move from her house, but she still get a treatment from that ustaz to recover her spirit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Love is subjective. When we ask people about love, we can get many answers from them. Some of them will say that love is a unique feeling that not all people can have it. Some of them also say that love can comes from many aspects such as love to the creator, love to human or love to animal.

For me, love is a beautiful feeling. The influence of love to people is really big. Love is a feeling that comes from heart. Everybody should have the feeling of love so that our life is more meaningful. First we should love Allah our creator. Then we have to love our leader and guide which is ‘rasul’ and ‘al-quran’, then our family. Family plays a big role in our life. Most of our time is spent with our family. So if we don’t have a love feeling towards our family, our life is not meaningful anymore.

Love toward people that not our family is also necessary to make our life complete. Usually, this kind of love is a little bit different from the love that we get since small.
This feeling of love comes when two different gender meet their chemistry. From that, they start to know each other and from that the feels of love start growing. This love can really influence people who fall in love. When someone falls in love, we can see a different with their attitude and facial expression. Someone that falls in love always looks more energetic and they always smile. That shows that he or she are in love and felt happy. Man who usually looks seriously will become a happy person when he fell in love. Love also can make us sometimes forget about to take care of ourselves.

Love is a gifted by Allah. No one can deny this feeling. Everybody deserves to give and receive love. Love is not comes base on good looking face. True love comes from heart. It’s a strange feeling that no one can describe about it. For me, we have to appreciate the feeling of love that we have. When we get someone that we love, we must be more thankful. It’s because not all people can get love from someone that they love.

I don’t have specific characteristic of my dream guy. For me, honest and sincere guy would be more than enough. I already have a boyfriend. He is really nice guy. He takes good care of me and always makes me smile. Furthermore, he accepts me as who I am. He is actually my dream guy that full all characteristic of my dream guy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My lovely hostel

In UITM, I spend most of my time at hostel or college. Here, I live at college Baiduri. College Baiduri in a sector A area. At UITM, there are two sectors which is sector A and sector B. College in sector B is a new college. Although college Baiduri is not a new building, but it’s tough and very comfortable to stay.

B258 is my room number. Here there have short wing and long wing. My room is situated at short wing. There are around 8 rooms in short wing. I’m very grateful that I stay in short wing. It’s because the distance between my room and bathroom is not too far. Furthermore, I can get to know all my wing mates in a short time because there not too many student stay in short wing. So, my relationship between me and my wing mates is also close. Moreover, here we have more activities that need the cooperation between wing mates such as ‘yassin’ every Friday night. This kind of activities can make us close to each other. It’s also makes us like one big family.

I have 3 room mates. Including me, in one room there is maximum 4 people. All my room mates are nice person. There always help me when I’m in difficult time. My first room mate is Ain. She is part 5 student. She comes from Kota Tinggi. She is really nice person. She is also a religious person. She likes fasting and doing ‘solat sunat’. Here, when my wing mates have problem about religion, they always refers to Ain. Ain is an account student one of the tough course in UITM. She’s very hardworking student. She always settles down her assignment on time. My second room mate is Amalina. She’s a part 4 student. Here, she takes computer science. She’s nice person. As a computer science student, she always becomes a reference by all her friends who don’t really know about computer. She always helps her friends. My third room mate is Ani. She’s information management students. She likes helps her friends. She is nice person. She likes to online. She comes from Shah Alam. Now, she’s in part 4. So, in this room I’m a junior. I always make all my room mates a reference a guide for me.

In this room, my bed is at a top bunk. I’m comfortable at a top bunk. It’s because I think, when I at top bunk I have more privacy. Moreover, at top bunk, the lighting is more bright that at bottom bunk. It makes me comfortable to study. Furthermore, this bed is not made by metal. It’s made by wood. So, it’s very tough and be at a top bunk just the same as be at a bottom bunk.

I’m really happy live in my hostel now. I like my room and my room mates very much. I hope, I can stay in this room until I finish my study in UITM. I hope for next semester or other semester, I’m not transfer to another room.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

my classmate

1. Amirul
I’m not really know him because he new in UITM Johor. But I think he’s a nice person

2. Ashraf
I only saw him this semester. So, I don’t really know him. But, as what I see he quite close with sir Izuan.

3. Azhar
I know him since I’m at part 1. He’s a funny guy. Always make the whole class laugh

4. Khalid
He’s class BMD3B2’s class rap. Before this, I’m not really knows him very well until he close with my boyfriend, then I know him a little bit.He’s a nice guy and also ready to help his friends in trouble.

5. Nasri
He’s a nice person. He looks like serious person but he’s really funny guy. He’s close to Azhar.

6. Nizam
I don’t really know him. It’s because he rarely came to class. Furthermore, he’s to shy and silent in class.

7. Ain
She loves to smile. Sometimes she makes joke. She also a nice girl

8. Salwa
She is really nice girl. I know her since I’m at part 1. She has a good voice and always be a college representative to enter nasyid competition. She also has twins which is in the same class with her.

9. Atikah
It’s me

10. Farah Irma
She is a nice girl. She’s cute with her round face and long hair. I rarely see she’s angry. She also loves to smile.

11. Aiza Zaleha
She’s a nice girl. I always came to class with her, Faezah and Farah. She loves to laugh and makes jokes.

12. Shiela
She’s a small girl. In class, she’s really silent and always with her friends. She’s nice and kind girl. I like to look at her calm face. It makes me fell comfortable.

13. Halimatussa’diah
I don’t really know her. But I know she is kind and nice girl

14. Radhiyah
She’s Salwa twins. She’s nice and kind. She always together with her twins Salwa. She also has a good voice. I’m same class with her since part 1 until now.

15. Azierah
She’s a nice girl. She’s silent in class. I quite don’t know about her.

16. Ernie
She’s a cute girl. She’s also polite in what ever she do.

17. Sue
She’s a kind person and loves to smile.

18. Lynn
I don’t really know her. This is the first time I same class with her. But I know she’s a nice girl.

19. Nik
She’s kind girl. She likes to help her friends in trouble. She same class with me when I was in part 1.

20. Nazierah
She’s a nice girl.

21. Salbiyah
She’s a nice girl. She loves to smile and loves to makes friends.

22. Huda
When first time I saw her I tough she is snob. But actually she’s kind and nice.

23. Aina
She’s active student in class. Before this, she’s in different class. So I don’t really know her much.

24. Shahida
She’s nice and loves to smile.

25. Farahiyah
She’s cute and talkative girl

26. Farahain
She’s cool girl. She easy to gives smile. She also likes to help her friends in class.

27. Izaty
I don’t really know her. She’s close with Aina. Before this she’s in another class.

28. Asyikin
She’s an active girl. I know she’s kind.

29. Raja
She’s nice girl. She also talkative and happy go lucky person

30. Faezah
She’s a good friend. She likes to help her friends. Sometimes, she’s moody. She loves to laught

facts about me

10 facts about myself

1- A very sensitive person
2- Really love animal. Especially cat.
3- Love being happy but afraid to be happy because I think I will cry after I had my happy moment.
4- I hate rules.
5- When I have problems, I prefer to keep it rather than to share it.
6- Unorganized person
7- Easily moody
8- Love chocolate
9- Hard to smile
10- Shy person